The core of our system is the Soundcraft Signature 22MTK mixer, which sounds fantastic, is a great board for live sound, and is a multi-channel audio interface with each track sent to a computer as a 24 bit/48kHz audio stream.

We also have an Alesis MultiMix16 as an auxiliary mixer/interface.

Our primary studio software is Harrison Consoles' excellent MixBus software, with its full set of plugins.

Mixbus is based on Ardour, a fully featured open source DAW that we've used for years. We are happy to support Harrison Consoles in their choice to support open source software.

We use AA Translator to import and export sessions from virtually any format.

Our mic locker includes offerings from companies including

  • Blue
  • RØDE
  • ElectroVoice
  • Sennheiser
  • Oktava
  • Shure

We use the Android app TouchDAW to control Ardour remotely. If you're curious how it gets set up under Linux, instructions are here.